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    Yoga Teacher Training Course India

    23 Mar

    Yoga Teacher Training Course India

    Yoga Teacher Training Course India

    Yoga Teacher Training Course India

    From September 15 to October 12, 2012 we had our Yoga Teachers Training Course, YTTC 200.

    We count on 13 students from different parts of Spain and one of Colombia.
    Participating students had the opportunity, besides to have training in the birthplace of Yoga, to have the experience of living for a month in India.

    The first part of the training took place in the quiet area of Ram Jhula in Rishikesh.
    Rishikesh at this time of the year has a magnificent climate.
    The first few days we had still some rain from a monsoon a little late, but soon we enjoyed clear sunny days.

    The Ganges eternally present, the temples and the colors of India joined us in these first  15 days.
    In their free time the students were able to enjoy all the intensity of life in this country and in this place so sacred to the people of India.

    Gradually the formation was gathering pace and from the hand of the teaching team composed by Antonio Bolivar, Felix Marinero, Jovan Nikolic and Naveen Rana the attendees were delving into their daily practice and taking the tone of this intense experience.

    Not forgetting our colleague Patricia Lopez who was supporting all the work of commissioning and synchronizing the classes.

    Thus was wore on the first half of the course.

    In late September we drove about 20 miles up the mountain to our next destination and place of training.

    In Rishikesh Valley we started our final stage and we dive even deeper into our experience with Yoga.

    Hatha Yoga Class

    Hatha Yoga Class

    At the same time the group of students and teachers was increasingly experienced an atmosphere of unity and a sense of family relationship, which made the living together of these two weeks, something to remember so endearing.

    Now most peaceful in the nature, the days seemed to dilate and expand.

    Excursions to the nearby river, the mountain walks and visits to the small local village to take chai (tea) or just watch Indian women harvesting rice, made ​​to be here a marvel.

    While continuing to improve our physical form every day, students received all the necessary theory to prepare their classes that they would have to provide as a final test.

    Thanks to the organizing team of the place, Anand and his wife Subhudi we enjoyed a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A place full of flowers, greenery and beauty. The food following considerations of the ancient science Ayurveda, was also a treat every day.

    Ashtanga Class

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class

    Then came the last days and examinations, that all students very successfully overcame.

    The closing ceremony of the training with the presentation of diplomas was lived with great emotion. The hard work done by all students and teachers, had the reward of a closure full of very positive feelings, and it was the end and reward for the effort of all.



    Breakfast in Rishikesh Valley

    Breakfast in Rishikesh Valley

    Ultimately the culmination of an experience which we believe dont leave indifferent anybody, where we dare say that not only meet expectations, but also everyone took something very special back to their home and in their hearts.



    The seed of Yoga was sown with great enthusiasm and in fertile land.

    Yoga Teacher Training Course

    Yoga Teacher Training Course

    Therefore we want to thank all the participants and say:


    A big hug of all the team of the Merkhaba association.

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