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    Yoga in Jaen

    23 Mar

    Yoga in Jaen

    ROSA ARMENTEROS ARAQUE «Yoga is an effort to make you master of yourself»
    Sunday, March 3, 2013 11:31 THE WEEK – GENTE
    By Inmaculada Espinilla DIARIOJAEN.ES



    Yoga in Jaen with Rosa Armenteros

    Yoga in Jaen with Rosa Armenteros

    She radiates a special energy.
    The smile rarely disapears from the face.

    However, her innate joy does not detract one iota of seriousness to explain his philosophy of life and his way of dealing with what comes.

    This is Rosa Armenteros Araque, a vitalist woman, conscious of itself and the surrounding environment.
    He studied biology at the University of Jaén, but a bend on his way led her into the world of yoga.
    Today she teaches workshops in various centers of the capital.

    Why began practicing yoga?

    I had an accident five years ago and my life went to yoga. With the inability to move, I began to meditate and practice yoga of sounds. When I had more mobility, I started with the «hatha yoga».Also, I got into a training school. I met Witryh center in Pamplona, and I started trainer courses. In fact, the last three years, I teach Yoga in Jaen in the herbalist Tisane and in the  Mucén Dojo.

    What has brought yoga into their daily lives?

    -For starters, I brought consciousness. I found in my inner peace and harmony. In addition, you get more beautiful, says half-jokingly. Similarly, in physical appearance, you get many benefits and a strong balance.


    However, there are still many prejudices and there are people who distrust such disciplines. Even, some people branded him silly.

    To all those people I would say try and then draw their own conclusions. Certainly there are prejudices, is normal. The current system is not interested in the spiritual path. I understand and you realize that you do not need so many things to be happy.

    On the other hand, these practices seem to be fashionable today.
    Sure. We are in a time of change in society and there is also a large opening. More people are awakening to this awareness.


    I suppose  there will be who start yoga for the physical benefits exclusively.

    -Of course. In practice, the body becomes more beautiful, but, eventually, other aspects are working.You can come because your back hurts, you are fat, or because you suffers. There are many reasons why one approaches, but yoga is an ancient tool and work with the energy and the physical and mental. Finally, different channels are opened.


    What is the profile of people that attend yoga?

    Generally, are women over thirty years. I think it’s because from birth we are connected to one cycle every month and our sensitivity is open. But on the other hand, it is also true that more and more men are beginning. Not in vain, yoga is a journey inward and helps you connect with yourself. You feel much better and happier by practicing.

    As the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that yoga is good for anyone, and there are many benefits to the body and mind.
    -Of course. Also is something that children and adults can enjoy. Not in vain, many benefits. For example, these disciplines help you order you internally. Obviously, it is not easy. It involves a lot of work and effort. All around us there is too much noise, i.e. very little silence that we need to focus on ourselves. It is something that they do not normally teach in our cultures.

    In short, what is yoga for you?
    -Yoga helps you become aware of your strengths and abilities and power. It is not a religion, it is a science. In fact, it is something that people can practice whatever belief, as Muslims and Catholics, among others, and also atheists. Yoga is an effort to make you master of yourself. Usually, we are at the mercy of our wishes, desires, tastes and thoughts. Yoga gives us self-control and self-liberation.


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