Centro de Yoga – Escuela Internacional de Yoga
Centro de Yoga, escuela Internacional de yoga, asociación de profesores de yoga con delegaciones en Almería, Jaén, Córdoba y Valencia.

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    Shankhaprakshalana YOGUIC CLEANING Shankha: shell. Prakshalana: cleaning action. The  water passes and clean through the digestive tract as if through a shell. Theory Shankhaprakshalana yogic cleaning is one of the most important techniques of Hatha yoga. It is a relatively simple procedure of washing the entire intestinal tract, from the mouth to the anus which takes place by using saltwater. Water circulation is stimulated by a series of simple exercises, opening valves and sphincters, facilitating such movement gently pressing and drag aqueous waste and sediment. When water, after dragging and evacuate all subjects and fecal particles, goes almost...

    23 Mar

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a personal experience

    I thought yoga was not as physical, Maria said after his first session of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, "thought it was much quieter." Generally is ignored that yoga has physical and dynamic variations, including Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a technique to improve the energy and get physical inner calm. Like any style of yoga (which in Sanskrit means "union") promotes the welfare of the individual, but difference in others with the vinyasa practice, a system of movements and synchronized breathing. These movements act of common thread between the postures (asanas) and allow a fluid...

    23 Mar

    Yoga in Jaen

    ROSA ARMENTEROS ARAQUE "Yoga is an effort to make you master of yourself" Sunday, March 3, 2013 11:31 THE WEEK - GENTE By Inmaculada Espinilla DIARIOJAEN.ES   YOGA IN JAEN [caption id="attachment_3202" align="alignleft" width="290"] Yoga in Jaen with Rosa Armenteros[/caption] She radiates a special energy. The smile rarely disapears from the face. However, her innate joy does not detract one iota of seriousness to explain his philosophy of life and his way of dealing with what comes. This is Rosa Armenteros Araque, a vitalist woman, conscious of itself and the surrounding environment. He studied biology at the University...

    23 Mar

    Yoga Teacher Training Course India

    [caption id="attachment_3137" align="alignleft" width="450"] Yoga Teacher Training Course India[/caption] From September 15 to October 12, 2012 we had our Yoga Teachers Training Course, YTTC 200. We count on 13 students from different parts of Spain and one of Colombia. Participating students had the opportunity, besides to have training in the birthplace of Yoga, to have the experience of living for a month in India. The first part of the training took place in the quiet area of Ram Jhula in Rishikesh. Rishikesh at this time of the year has a magnificent climate. The first few days...