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    Views from the wonder. A photo journey trough India.







    From 7 to 21 August 2014.

    Date of arrival: October 7 to Rishikesh.

    Duration: 13 days.

    Number of participants: Maximum 16.














    Hold your camera to go to Rishikesh and Netala capture the essence of what amaze our eyes. Passing unnoticed or getting pulled far with whatever provoke us, we will be protagonists of what happens.


    Respecting cultures, landscapes and living things in our environment safely be our ally camera to start telling stories, experiences, emotions.


    No need to be expert photographers, no rush, no trials, search and find in Rishikesh and Netala our inner landscapes. Those that make this journey will, as anthropologist L. Dumont said a «round trip» to our own culture.




















    – 5:30. On alternate days:

    1. a) Yoga practice, Pranayama and Meditation. (Optional, only if you want)
    2. b) On other days, we will begin our photo tours at this time.

    – 8:30 to 9:30. Breakfast.

    – 9:30 to 10:00. Meeting. Each day a subject area of work and various scenarios in which the photographs ​​will experience.

    – 10:00 to 13:00. Rishikesh and Netala outputs. At first, make a tour of the whole area and then propose a free time for personal work.

    – 13:30 to 15:30. Food and Leisure

    – 15:30 to 17:30. On alternate days:

    1. a) Time for personal work: We will have a few hours of study to complete the proposal and display photographic work. We suggest choosing three pictures every day; of which we will select one for presentation to the group and work visuals and content.
    2. b) Photographic outputs.

    – 17:30 to 19:30. Viewing the works. Technical, conceptual and aesthetic Recommendations

    – 20:00. Dinner and Ice Cream (night walk ).


    Change everything changes, reality what we photograph is not static, so you can pretend that what immortalize one day will not be achieved, but at that moment, another opportunity that did not appear in our daily schedule arises.


    Within an order and organization, live in India always invites us to flow, and embrace the unexpected. Be flexible.









    Our locations are spaces that we have previously traveled; in addition to contributing to our knowledge of the place and its features, we have developed friendly relations and even emotional, which promotes human and egalitarian approaches.


    We will use these spaces to introduce you to the general characteristics of Hinduism and the idiosyncrasies of India, spirituality and ceremonial life of sages, saints, yogis. If we want we can do some of these meditation techniques and rituals.


    This search of mysticism, spirituality, meditative inner life contrasts sharply with a busy everyday life that does not stop. It vibrates and dazzles the eyes and lenses who contemplate it.



    In Rishikesh:

    – The spirit of the holy city: Sadhus, Ashrams, Temples and Bidding.

    – Portrait of everyday life: Pilgrims, cows, monkeys, bicycles and motorbikes.

    – The Ganges Ghats, steps, ablutions and laundress.

    – The large suspension bridges Jhula and Ram Jhula: Guilds, bustle, stalls and bazaars.

    – Putting green retinas: Forests, waterfalls and caves.

    – Asanas to remember: Photo in a Yoga class.

    – Night in White and black: Rishikesh becomes eternal.




















    In Haridwar:


    – Night Visions: Ganga Arati Haridwar, center of the world’s largest pilgrimage.



    In Netala, Uttarakhand:


    – Patterns of rural life: rice, tools, animals, irrigation ditches.


    – Weather Women: peasant and carers.


    – Family Portraits: home of Naveen Rana.


    – Mountain scenery: the Valley of Flowers, rhododendrons, butterflies, Tibetan bears.






    While the computer is merely a tool and how important is our creativity, experience and desire to own style; We can recommend you to have your camera zooms range 17-40 mm and 70-200 because they are perfect for portraits and nature photography, just as a 28 mm or 35 mm is suitable for photographing people and landscapes.


    You need to travel with a laptop computer or Ipad to review the work done every day and apply appropriate technical and design guidelines.


    In Risihikesh it is possible to have computers in the hotel or café; the cost borne by each.


    And do not forget to bring memory cards, flash, extra batteries, batteries, power adapters, tripod, zoom, macro, lens cleaning material.


    We also recommend that hire additional insurance for your photographic equipment.













    Antonio Bolívar.

    Born Photographer and at 16 was in fashion photography and travel.

    Self-taught, so eager to learn began teaching at 19 at different cultural centers in Madrid and soon moved to California to continue discovering photographic horizons.

    There he specialized in diving and underwater photography and on it spent the next years. Pursuing places of unparalleled beauty above and below the water. He lived in Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica and dove and sailed anyplace with water and a bit of ground to tread coast occasionally.

    The yoga led him to India where he could just fascinated, and understanding that the best way to enjoy something is by sharing, these photographic journeys begin.



    Miriam Bernardo Soliva


    Philosopher, complete her academic training with studies in anthropology and an MA in Gender Relations and Development Cooperation.

    He has extensive experience in teaching, giving workshops and group coordination.

    From teen feels the desire to travel, baking identity and join the clan of travelers and searchers who populate the world.

    Self-taught from curious eyes and quick shot with studying photography full time, although still practicing the art of effective trial and error, not only with the camera.

    Newcomer Southeast Asia, where it feels like home without sag-camera furthered her studies in yoga, meditation and of course, their experiences.











    Naveen Rana

    Sivananda Yoga Teacher, trained at the International Yoga Vedanta Organization holds the titles of Yoga and Yoga Shiromani Acharya accrediting him as a great teacher.

    Naveen was fortunate to be born in Netala skirt the Himalayas near the source of the river Ganges, and we are fortunate to have his company to meet and photograph these landscapes, home, family, and the Ashram that he and his partner have built and run.


    Passionate advocate of Karma Yoga, selfless dedication to the welfare of others, if is to your liking, you can participate in yoga classes, pranayama and meditation in Rishikesh and Netala.



































    The accommodations we have selected have all the comforts and hygiene measures you need; even some extras as in the case of the hotel in Rishikesh where you can receive massages and other Ayurvedic treatments.


    In Rishikesh, yoga classes and tutorial sessions will be held in appropriate space near our hotel.


    This is also the place where we will have breakfast, eat and dine on a delicious Indian food buffet mode adapted to the Western palate. While it is always possible to order an extra helping of spicy and chapatis.


    In Netala we can stay at the Ashram Naveen Rana (our yoga teacher and accompanist).

    Both Rishikesh and Netala to be both holy cities, alcoholic beverages are forbiden. While the lassys and different types of juices and teas will soothe our thirst. Water, bottled, thanks.





















    See you in Rishikesh on 5 October, and have the option to get from Delhi or from Dehradum. Look for flights that suit you most, price, convenience, time travel, etc.. Ask us for help if you need it.


    From Delhi airport you delay of 5-7 hours depending on the traffic you. If this possibility becomes, we can send you a reliable taxi to collect you and take you to the hotel in Rishikesh. The costs are borne by your side and rise to about 50 euros. If you were a large group and share the taxi price drops.


    From the airport of Dehradum to Rishikesh the estimated journey time is 1 hour. If you were a large group we could pick you up in Dehradum. Otherwise, we can send a reliable taxi that will take you to the hotel.





















    € 1050 .-


    This price is based on a group of 10 to 12 travelers. Includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner in hotels 3 *. Personalized assistance and advice throughout the photographic trip, private transportation with driver Rishikesh to Netala and travel insurance.


    The deadline to reserve a place on this trip is the 10th of September.

    Reserve will be valid with a 300€ deposit.

    The total trip payment must be made full at least 15 days before the date of the trip. You can consult us for cancellation policy applied after this date.


    If the group is smaller, prices will be adjusted for the final number of participants and you can choose whether traveling or return the deposit.


    Not included are international flights, visa entry, entrances to monuments or museums, gratuities, meals and drinks not specified.























    If you want and with your permission, the leading photographic work during the trip will be posted in a blog.


    This will allow commentary and share photos with your fellow traveling companions and it is open to the contemplation of family, colleagues and public expert or amateur interested in travel photography.


    Over time we hope to create a true photo file for you to enjoy and somehow keep traveling.



    For any questions or comments:


    Miriam Soliva, mailto:[email protected], 651869129


    Antonio Bolívar, mailto:[email protected], 677416503


    More information also at:




    Facebook: association merkhaba